Eco-friendly bathroom cleaning products

Nature’s Way Of Cleaning

You don’t need harsh toxins to get a beautifully clean home. Our award winning biological cleaning products give a more effective and longer lasting clean, using natural formulations that are boosted by enzymes. We’re proud that our range is natural, biodegradable, PH neutral, vegan friendly and non-damaging to aquatic life. But that’s not all – you can read our full list of benefits here.


Most cleaning products are 99% water and come in single use plastic bottles. We’re the first UK brand to introduce refillable aluminium spray bottles with concentrates, reducing carbon emissions and single use plastic waste. You can even tailor refills to your cleaning needs using our hassle-free and fully flexible refill subscription service.

Eco-friendly refillable cleaning products
Plastic Free Cleaning Products


Did you know most cleaning products are mainly water? We see no sense in moving water around unnecessarily. To reduce carbon emissions, we deliver our bottles empty with a sachet of concentrate so you can fill them at home. When empty, reorder a new sachet and enjoy a clean home in the knowledge that you’re being kind to the environment.