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What is biological cleaning?

The traditional approach to household cleaning usually involves the use of a succession of hazardous cleaning products and hard work. These products pollute the air inside our homes and damage the surfaces they are intended to clean. They are responsible for pollution in the wider environment because of the way they are manufactured, packaged and transported. Clean Living is changing this with our new range of biological cleaning products.

Our approach to cleaning is to combine modern chemistry with natural ingredients to create a range of high performing cleaning products that do not present any threat to our homes and families or the natural environment. Everything we do, from the sourcing of raw materials through to our choice of packaging and the way we ship our products represents a conscious decision to leave the world in a better place than we found it, without compromising on quality. 

‘Cleaning with conscience’ does not need to come at a cost. All of our products allow you to clean to the very highest standards, and most are enhanced by the addition of safe, live bacteria that act as natures ‘cleaning crew’ and which continue to degrade dirt and grease long after traditional cleaning chemicals have been washed away.

Biological Cleaning – How it works

Clean Living biological cleaning products contain selected species of Bacillus bacteria which can remain dormant for long periods but leap into action producing biosurfactants and enzymes, in just the right amounts, when required for cleaning. They continue to work for hours after application to outcompete other harmful bacteria that may have been introduced onto a surface. By quickly consuming food (dirt) that the harmful bacteria would need to survive, they help to keep your surfaces hygienic long after they have been cleaned.

Benefits of Biological Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products on the market today have a list of chemicals with danger warning labels on the bottles. With Clean Living biological products, you know that the bacteria you are introducing into your home are the same as the bacteria that created and supports life. Biological cleaning products are completely natural, safe for your home, environmentally friendly and have the ability to clean deep into the microscopic pores of surfaces.

Want to know more about our range of biological cleaning solutions? Please feel free contact us at any time or view our product range for more information.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

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