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What is biological cleaning?

Cleaning up the name of bacteria

There is an inherent understanding in humans and animals alike, the need to remain clean.

Since records began there has been mention of cleaning methods used by both humans and animals. Keeping not only themselves free from dirt and grime, but also their habitats, where they live, eat and sleep.

Water has always been largely recognised for its multiple properties of giving and supporting life along with its ability to clean. Early humans would use nearby lakes and rivers to rinse mud and clay from their bodies. Wild animals would bathe and keep cool in the fresh water.

Even in the Ancient World it was known that dirt led to illness and disease. The Ancient Greeks invented early forms of showers and the Romans built aqueducts to transport fresh water to towns and villages.

Introduction to soap

The earliest recordings of the production of soaps date back as far as the Babylonian times with a simple formula of water, alkali and cassia oil. From there on, different methods were adopted in the making of this fatty, oily cleaning product. This included the use of animal and vegetable oils as well as ingredients like ash and seeds.

Biological Cleaning – Understanding Bacteria

Through the wonder of evolution, and in fact, where life as we know it started, bacteria have been present in our ecosystem since the beginning of time. Although not much was known about bacteria until it’s discoveries in the 1600s, it has been ever present and responsible for both creating and taking away life.

Bacteria, or microbes exist everywhere – from soil and lakes through to the air we breathe and everything in between. We literally could not exist without them as they are needed to break down and decompose waste. However, they aren’t just all consuming, they are also microscopic recycling powerhouses turning organic waste into carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous which will then be used to create new life.

With the knowledge of this incredible natural cleaning method scientists have been able to develop and formulate cleaning products, which contain these waste and odour-eating microbes. These are called biological cleaning products.

So, what is biological cleaning?

A biological cleaning product is essentially a live solution packed full of biodegradable surfactants, water and most importantly, 100% natural and safe bacteria. Once applied to a surface, the bacteria get straight to work to degrade fats, oils, grease and organic grime converting them into oxygen and other useful compounds. This method or process is also sometimes referred to in the industry as biotechnology.

When biological cleaning products are used, the bacteria starts to reproduce rapidly when they come into contact with a food source (dirt). As they reproduce and digest organic waste they out-perform any pathogenic (bad) bacteria. This out-performing then halts the growth and spread of bad bacteria until the good bacteria fully take over, ridding surfaces of almost any trace of dirt, odour and bad bacteria.

The difference between anti-bacterial and biological cleaning products?

It’d be useful at this point to touch on the major difference between anti-bacterial products and biological cleaning products. In brief, anti-bacterial solutions indiscriminately eliminate both good and bad bacteria whilst cleaning a surface whereas a biological product applies good bacteria to eliminate the bad. Therefore, an anti-bacterial product is great for a quick, short term wipe-out but within a short period (sometimes minutes), the surface will become contaminated again. Whereas, in biological cleaning, hours after use, there will only be noticeable traces of friendly bacteria on a surface. This key difference means that not only do surfaces remain cleaner for longer with a biological product, but the product also continues to clean long after it has been applied (residual cleaning) making biological cleaning products much more cost-effective in the long run.

Benefits of Biological Cleaning Products

The merits for biological cleaning products are endless. Not only are they cost-effective for their ability to clean between applications, but they are also completely natural and therefore safer for the environment and those coming into contact with the solutions. A biological solution also has the ability to clean deep into the microscopic pores of surfaces to offer a truly deep clean whereas some standard cleaners only offer a superficial clean.

Clean Living International Solutions

With so many cleaning products on the market today and an ever-increasing list of chemicals and their accompanying hazards, it is now important to start considering the impact of the liquids and fumes we release into the atmosphere. With biological products, you can always be assured that the bacteria you are releasing into the atmosphere are the same as the bacteria that created and supports life.

Want to know more about our range of biological cleaning solutions? Please feel free contact us at any time or view our product range for more information.

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