Time for a Change

Water systems polluted, tons of plastic waste that nobody can do anything with, struggling health care systems. It’s hard hitting and unpleasant viewing. But does it really change anything?

Most people don’t want to keep adding to these problems. However supermarkets are full of brightly coloured plastic bottles displaying hazard warnings that scream how harmful they are for us and the planet. 

The days of shopping without a second thought are over. We’re all increasingly concerned about the damage we’re doing to the environment and accept that our behaviours must change. People want to know what is inside the products they buy and how the waste packaging is disposed of after use.

Just 14% of the plastic packaging used globally is recycled and 8 million tons ends up in the ocean annually. Many reports and articles highlight concerns for our water supplies and water bodies, due to the amount of chemicals entering them through household waste water systems. There is also evidence to suggest that also various reports that the human body is not as receptive to antibiotics as it once was. These are just some of the triggers that inspired us to create Clean Living and provide an answer to all of these issues.


We see no sense in creating a plastic bottle, printing expensive labels, filling it 99% with water, transporting it around the country and then ‘hoping’ it will be recycled by the local authority.

Our unique approach gives you aluminium bottles that can be refilled through a simple delivery mechanism, which enables you to reuse them many times over before disposal. Why? Because it is good for the environment and saves you a small fortune. Double bonus!

The Clean Living range also allows you to make a conscious choice about the chemicals you put into your home and wider environment. Our modern approach leaves your home sparkling and wonderfully fragranced without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic formulations. Simply mix our concentrates with water in your aluminium bottle and enjoy a clean home with a conscience ©.

Clean Living is here to help you clean in a way that is healthier for you and the planet. 

A safer and less damaging way to clean your home does exist. Our hearts go into creating a range of planet friendly cleaning products that help you to eliminate harsh toxins and reduce your single use plastic waste. We’ve embraced the power of nature and supercharged our natural formulas with healthy bacteria to give a superior clean.

Being more mindful doesn’t mean more hassle. Our refill, reuse, recycle method is easy and won’t cost you the earth. You can use our aluminium bottles time over and create new habits without impacting on your lifestyle.

More importantly, we want to be a catalyst for change by challenging how we currently clean and educating others about how to be more mindful of the planet; all while giving you a deeply clean and beautifully fragranced home.

Clean Living C


On surfaces, materials, skin, towards the planet and towards each other. Responsibly sourced ingredients, packaging and accessories.

Clean Living L


Our business opportunity helps you to create a work life balance, plus build an income that allows you to make the most of down time with loved ones. Whilst our products help you to live responsibly, respecting and preserving your living spaces and the wider environment.

Clean Living E


Enjoy living spaces that are free from harsh chemicals and stay cleaner for longer, safe in the knowledge that you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

Clean Living A


We’re bold in our belief that we encourage others to change their ways. We believe our modern products, clever packaging and appealing business model will have a huge impact, positively impacting people’s lives and caring for our planet.

Clean Living N


Wherever possible, we use natural formulations and packaging that is free from harsh chemicals and reduces waste packaging.