Water systems polluted, tons of plastic waste that nobody can do anything with, struggling health care systems. It’s hard hitting and unpleasant viewing. But does it really change anything?

As consumers, we don’t want to keep adding to all these problems but in reality, there’s little on the market to help us make better choices. Or if there is, it’s inaccessible and expensive. Supermarkets are flooded with shelves full or brightly coloured plastic bottles that are plastered in hazard labels due to the toxic contents inside.

These are just some of the triggers that led to the creation of Clean Living. Using modern technology, our products combine good bacteria with enzymes to provide effective, eco friendly cleaning solutions, without the need for harsh chemicals that are bad for our health and our environment. The result is a modern range of cleaning products for the whole home, brought to you through a unique business model.

We see no sense in creating a plastic bottle, printing expensive labels, filling it 99% with water, transporting it around the country and then ‘hoping’ it will be recycled by the local authority when it’s empty. Our bottles contain concentrate and a simple delivery mechanism, which enables you to reuse them many times over before disposal.

Why? Because it saves you a small fortune and is good for the environment. Double bonus! When you run out of product, we send you a new sachet of concentrate straight to your door. Simply mix with water and refill your container to enjoy a clean home with a conscience ©.


The Clean Living range allows you to make a conscious choice about the chemicals that you put into your homes and wider environment. Our modern approach leaves your home sparkling and wonderfully fragranced without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic formulations. It also reduces the amount of packaging we throw away and the impact we have on the wider environment.

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