Trigger Sprays – version 4


A pack of three trigger sprays to fit our refillable aluminium 28mm neck bottles.

Take a look at the product images to see examples of which Clean Living bottles these will fit. Also see our Trigger Sprays – version 1 product page to make sure you order the correct trigger to fit your bottles.

Please note that we guarantee our trigger sprays for 3 months from purchase.

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A pack of three trigger sprays in case you need to replace any of those provided with our refillable aluminium bottles.

This version 4 option fits our newer 28mm neck bottles. We’ve included some product images for you to check that these are the right fit for your bottles. We also have a Trigger Sprays – version 1 option if you have our old 24mm neck bottles.

We guarantee our trigger sprays for 3 months from purchase. Sadly there are no everlasting trigger sprays out there and because of the mechanical action inside, they can wear out over time. As a brand we are constantly staying close to developments with suppliers to ensure that we source trigger sprays that distribute our product effectively and are as robust as possible.

If you are still unsure about whether you need our version 1 or version 4 trigger sprays to fit your bottles, you can contact our team by calling them directly on 0800 031 4316 or emailing them [email protected]


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