Microfibre Mop Heads


Replacement Microfibre Mop Heads intended for use with our Biological Multi-Mop Cleaning System.

Contains four items;

1 x Dry Mop Pad – for dry mopping up loose dust and dirt

1 x Wet Mop Pad – for standard floor cleaning

1 x Heavy Duty Mop Pad – for use on tiles or very dirty floors

1 x Glass Mop Pad – to polish glass and glossy surfaces


This collection of Microfibre Pads allow you to clean your home with ease, keeping your home hair, dust, dirt and streak free. The fibres are positively charged, which help them to pick up even the tiniest specs of dirt.

They wash fantastically so you can reuse them numerous times and avoid adding to landfill.


After each use, wash in your machine at 60 degrees using our Laundry Strips. Do not add softener or bleach to the load as they will damage the fibres and affect their ability to remove dirt and grime.

Hang to dry after washing then store in a dry place ready for use again.


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