Glass Microfibre cloths (pack of 3)


Teamed with our cleaning products, these eco cloths will give you a clean finish like you’ve never experienced. Our high quality and hard-wearing glass microfibre cloths work wonders on all areas to leave a streak free shine without any traces of fluff or lint.



Our microfibre cloths are colour coded to each area of your house, like the labels on our products, so it’s easy to determine which cloth to use in which area. You can clean your entire home with just three cloths.

  • Yellow – Living areas
  • Blue – Kitchen
  • Green – Bathroom

They wash fantastically so you can reuse them numerous times and avoid adding to landfill.

Microfibre Cloth – Usage instructions

After each use, wash in your machine at 60 degrees using detergent only.

Do not add softener or bleach to the load as they will break down the microfibres and damage the static effect.

Hang to dry after washing then store in a dry place ready for use again.

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