Limescale Remover Starter Pack


A safe alternative to harsh, corrosive limescale removers. This innovate product is an organic salt solution, which reacts with limescale on contact, turning it into liquid for effortless and safe removal.

The Clean Living Limescale Remover Starter Pack contains 3 items in total. Contents:

  • 1 x 300ml reusable aluminium container
  • 1 x Kitchen Areas Glass Microfiber Cloth
  • 1 x 30ml Limescale Remover concentrate sachets


A safe limescale remover which keeps surfaces clean and clear of scale, without the use of harsh acids.

Introducing a powerful new limescale remover capable of out-performing traditional acid based products, whilst also being safe for use on most bathroom and kitchen hard surfaces.

This highly effective product will completely remove limescale on a variety of surfaces including taps, tiles, sinks, shower screens, kettles and pipework without causing damage or eating into surfaces and sealants. A superior, environmentally responsible, and safe alternative to harsh chemical acid-based products.

Based on low pH organic salt solution, this product reacts with limescale on contact turning it into liquid form for instant and safe removal.

For use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces where limescale is present including showers, glass, sinks, taps and draining boards. Apply directly onto surface and rub in if necessary. Rinse off.

Benefits and differences against supermarket brands:

  • Reduces household waste
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Sodium Hydroxide free
  • Chlorine free
  • Phosphate free
  • Solvent free
  • Ammonia free