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Plastic in the bathroom – limiting toxins and waste to aid you and the planet

A lot of people are becoming more familiar with the practice of recycling their kitchen plastics. Probably because they have a recycling bin sat next to or close to their main bin. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of bathroom plastics. Research shows that than less than 50% of bathroom plastics find their way to the recycling bin. This is down to two main problems: firstly, that many bathroom products are created from single use, non-recyclable plastic. Secondly, that if products are recyclable, it’s often not made clear to the consumer. Bathroom products tend to be covered in various icons and numbers that aren’t easy to understand.

When we started Clean Living, we wanted a product offering that is healthier for you and the planet. As well as considering the contents, it was important to us that our products don’t cause harm to the environment when you are done with them. Sister & Co Organics have done exactly the same with their range of cosmetics. Which is why they were an obvious choice to be part of our Plastic Free July 2020 campaign.

Collection of Sister & Co Organics products

Alternatives to plastic packaging

Sister & Co have a slogan which I love; ‘Everyday luxuries that don’t cost the earth’. Like us, they choose to use materials that are easily recyclable. They give clear recycling instructions on their packaging and on their website. Surprisingly, this isn’t commonplace among many toiletries and cosmetics brands. 

The truth is that finding plastic free cosmetics isn’t easy. Glass seems to be a favoured material because it can be commonly recycled and it’s infinitely recyclable. But there are many downsides to using it. Glass is pretty heavy which means higher shipping bills. But more importantly is the impact on the environment. Heavier parcels are more difficult to transport, so the vehicles moving them have to burn more fuel. Naturally, this creates more carbon emissions which we know is one of the troublesome greenhouse gases warming our earth.

That’s why we opted for aluminium bottles to house our 100% natural household cleaning products. Sister & Co have gone the same way with their new range of organic shower oils and hand washes. Sadly though, it is near impossible for us to go completely plastic free. There are some packaging elements which are very difficult to find in a non plastic material. Pumps and trigger sprays are a good example of this. Both require a spring to bounce it back into it’s original position. This spring is encased in plastic and not one manufacturer makes them without it. Trust us, searched the globe! What both Clean Living and Sister & Co do to combat this in the meantime, is encourage customers to reuse their pumps.

Clean Living products for the bathroom

Style and practicality

Another big tick for aluminium is practicality. Handling glass bottles with wet hands when cleaning or in the shower is just asking for trouble! If it does drop, you could end up with a nasty bruise on your foot or even a cracked floor tile – eek! With aluminium, the worst case scenario is that you may dent the bottle a little.

Just like glass, aluminium is readily recyclable and can be recycled again and again. In fact, this article by Euro News is a great read. It explores the pros and cons of each material and to help you understand which is better for the environment when recycled (spoiler alert – aluminium comes out on top!).

Then it comes to the looks. How cool is aluminium? It gives a funky, sophisticated and stylish finish that looks much more appealing than garish plastic. Alongside the fantastic fragrance and cleaning power of our products, customers also rave about how they look. In fact, we have seen huge interest from people that are influential in the home interiors market. The natural aluminium bottles and cardboard in our Complete Cleaning Kit seem to really to those wanting to clean their home in style.

Clean Living drain maintainer being poured
Clean Living drain maintainer being poured into a sink plug hole

Clean contents

It’s all very well taking a sustainable approach to packaging, but what about the product inside? Do you REALLY know what is inside that antibacterial spray you are covering your kitchen worktops in? It seems ironic but the majority of supermarket cleaning products aren’t clean themselves. There are an increasing number of cleaning products that claim to be natural, organic, eco-friendly, plant based, green and sustainable. But sadly many of these claims are merely marketing statements. Look closely and you’ll see some are still jam packed with harsh and toxic chemicals, including Sodium Hydroxide, Chlorine, Phosphate, Ammonia and Solvents.

All of our products are made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients that are combined with healthy bacteria. These clever micro-organisms stunt the regrowth of harmful bacteria on your surfaces long after you have finished cleaning them. Each of our formulations are made in strictly controlled conditions to to meet or exceed the highest environmental standards.

Sister & Co take a similar approach to us. Their products are certified natural and organic by the Soil Association and their ingredients come from natural, abundant and self-replenishing sources too.

We are just two examples of revolutionary UK based businesses that are helping people to clean with conscience©; whether it be our bodies or our homes! To wrap us up, here are our top products for keeping your bathroom sparkling.

  • Bathroom Cleaner – soap scum, grease and that annoying grime in your shower screen is no match for our gentle yet mighty product.
  • Biological Drain Maintainer – converts a wide range of fats and grease into carbon dioxide and water to keep your drains free flowing and fragrant.
  • Glass Cleaner – gives brilliant shine to glass and tiles.

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