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Plant-based Cleaning – Why Should You Do it?

A silver lining from the year 2020 was the rise in preserving our planet!

Recently there has been an increase in sustainable ways of living and shoppers are rightfully asking retailers for product transparency. The UK has seen a dramatic rise in ethical spending as sustainable purchases have risen almost fourfold over the last 20 years. Additionally, 8 in 10 adults are doing “everything they can” to make their household more environmentally friendly. This means brands which are cruelty-free, low waste and have plant-based formulas, are becoming very popular.

The internet, wider social surroundings and personal influences, have driven people to learn more about the importance of sustainable shopping. Therefore, going back to basics, many Brits are being more environmentally responsible and reducing their environmental impact.

What does plant-based actually mean and why should I care?

Most of us have heard of the term ‘plant-based’ but do we 100% understand what this means?

Plant-based products do not use animals or by-products at any stage of production. As a result, this means they are made from plants.

Plant-based Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Clean Living’s plant-based Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner

Unfortunately, plant-based cleaning products can get misunderstood for being less effective, stopping people from buying the product. Therefore, it is important that we educate each other and breakdown any misconceptions we may have around plant-based household products.

4 benefits of our plant-based cleaning products

1. Our products are safer around children and pets

You will never need to worry about the risks of toxic and harmful ingredients on yourself, your pets or your children. This is because we use natural ingredients in our cleaning products, which eliminate all harm.

For example, our Clean Living Odour and Spot Remover refill sachets, are free of harmful chemicals such as Chlorine and Phosphate.

Clean Living plant-based Odour and Spot Remover refill sachets for pet owners

2. Cleaner air

Our man-made fragrances are plant-based. As a result, the air in your home will be non-toxic, non-irritating and gentle after a clean whilst smelling great. Additionally, our organic ingredients eliminate the risk of absorbing or breathing in toxic chemicals.

The effective Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner and our other lavish products, keep your home smelling clean without damaging your health.

3. Better performance than harmful cleaning products

Harness the power of nature to get a far more superior clean than traditional cleaning products. Healthy bacteria used in our products creates a deeper and longer lasting clean through completely breaking down dirt or grime.

Read more about this on Helen’s blog post about our biological cleaning products.

4. A clean home and a clean conscience

At Clean Living we are proud of the ingredients we use in our plant-based products and we have been praised for this. We are fully transparent to all of our customers and we aim to help others clean with conscience, remain environmentally responsible and educate one another.

Clean Living’s plant-based Complete Cleaning Kit – suitable for your kitchen

As we start to begin 2021, we can all agree the year 2020 was a very challenging year. However, it is not too late to start this year on a positive note by making conscious purchases which benefit the environment, the climate and also your precious health. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Happy cleaning!

Tadiwa Mutasa

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