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One year of award-winning, cleaning products

We celebrated last month because Clean Living International turned one year old – happy birthday to us!

Our first year in business has flown by in the blink of an eye. From launching our website in September 2019 to winning our first award – it’s been a complete whirlwind! I’m immensely proud of the team and our customers for how they have embraced our brand and made sustainable changes.

We established clear core values about our vision and our products from the outset. They are values that we as a team still believe in. More importantly, they have resonated strongly with our customers. The events that have challenged the world over the last 12 months have made it even more crucial to switch to eco-friendly products like ours. 2020 kicked off with the terrifying wildfires in Australia and California. Then widespread flooding in the UK that was followed closely by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. These are life and world changing events that have roots in the way we treat our planet. That’s why we continue to feel passionate about our products and ethos, that are making a positive impact on the environment.

We took some time last month to reflect on our achievements and look at what our amazing customers appreciate about CLI. Celebrations will continue throughout this month with a special offer and finish with a competition. One lucky winner will receive one month’s worth of refills as a prize. (Spoiler alert – learn how to enter at the end of this blog!).

Refillable cleaning products that don’t harm the planet

From the very beginning, CLI was about the products and their positive effect on the environment. That’s equally important when it comes to our packaging. Our eco-friendly cleaning product refills have become enormously popular with our customers, who want reduce single use plastic waste. It seems that nearly everyone is becoming more mindful of what they purchase and throw away.

Clean Living Kitchen Range
Clean Living Kitchen Range

Here are three amazing facts you might not know about our packaging:

Number 1 – We are the first UK cleaning brand to use refillable aluminium bottles that are both recyclable and super stylish!

Number 2 –  Our refill-reuse-recycle scheme saved over 64,800 single use plastic bottles from being thrown away in our first year of business. For a green start up company, that’s an incredible contribution to the reduction of plastic waste. We’re determined to improve that number as we grow.

Number 3 – There are a lot of refillable cleaning products coming to market, but our products have the edge over them all. We are the only UK brand to offer natural, plant based formulations that are super charged with healthy bacteria. Our biological formulations clean using enzymes that stunt the regrowth of harmful bacteria for a truly hygienic home.

While our customers are conscientious when it comes to refilling, reusing and recycling, they love our products beyond their sustainability. When did a survey, two clear elements stood out. Our customers love the fresh, non-chemical fragrance and the powerful cleaning ability of our products.

Becoming famous for eco-friendly cleaning products – our achievements to date

A huge highlight this year was winning our first award! When LUX Life Magazine named us as their ‘Best Emerging Non-toxic Cleaning Product Brand – UK’, we couldn’t have been more honoured! It was a real milestone achievement. We also achieved Made in Britain status, which means such a lot to us. To meet the strict requirements, a business has to prove that at least 80% of their raw materials come from the UK (drum roll please): our score was 97%!

Best Non-toxic cleaning product UK

We’re also celebrating the appearances we’ve made in many respected publications, including The Guardian, Good Housekeeping and Ideal Home. Exposure in the press is great for promoting Clean Living products of course, but more importantly, it’s provided us with a valuable platform for spreading our environmental message. And that’s what we’ve been doing with some of the great partnerships we’ve created with other UK businesses who have the same philosophy as us. When voices join together the message becomes louder.

One of our most exciting partnerships has been becoming a long-term supporter of City to Sea; an important environmental not-for-profit organisation, who campaign to stop plastic pollution at source. We believe so whole-heartedly in their cause that we’ve committed to donating 1% of our annual turnover to support them.

It seems such a long way back since I took part in my first beach clean in 2018, but that first hands-on experience influenced me to strive for the achievements we celebrate now.

What do you think about our refillable products?

We love hearing feedback from our customers and it seems that you’re as committed to our products as we are! You tell us what you love is that they deliver peace of mind; you know you can use them in every room and their gentle, non-toxic formulations will give a great deep clean without harming the planet or you. Our top three selling items are our Biological Multipurpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser. All of them are making homes across the UK look and smell fantastic!

A staggering 97% of you would recommend us – that’s a phenomenal response and one that I’m perhaps most delighted about. Oh, did I mention we also have a 5-star Google rating; worth celebrating don’t you think?

We’ll stay committed throughout the next year and beyond to keeping you happy and making sure the positive feedback keeps flowing.

Competition time!

We’re celebrating our birthday by giving you the chance to win a month’s worth of our Refill Sachets! It’s really easy to enter.  All you need to do is leave a review for us on Google – you can even increase your chances of winning by posting pictures with your review. You’ll get an additional entry for every photo that you post. Your review has to be submitted by 31st October and one lucky winner will be announced on 9th November.

Click HERE to post your review now.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and your commitment to cleaning with conscience©. It means the world – literally!

Take care,

Helen Bee – CEO & Director

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