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Nature’s way of cleaning – how our products are taking the world by storm

It’s been a long time coming! The world has been screaming out for an effective and easy way to clean with conscience©. The search is over and we’re proud to offer the solution for a safer and less damaging way to clean your home.

So it’s no wonder big publications are starting to sit up and take notice. Over the past few months, we’ve been featured in magazines like Good Housekeeping, Your Home and Countryfile. A number of fearless and inspiring eco-influencers like Serena Lee have also reviewed our products and been bowled over by our ethos and products. But why? Well let us tell you.

Our Clean Living range of 100% natural cleaning products give a more powerful and longer lasting clean. All while helping to reduce single use plastic waste. They contain healthy live bacteria that create enzymes on contact with dirt. These enzymes penetrate deep down into the pores of hard surfaces, to completely remove dirt that conventional chemicals leave behind.

It doesn’t stop there! The bacteria duplicate and spread across the surfaces to stunt the regrowth of harmful bacteria, protecting surfaces long after you’ve finished cleaning. As a result you get a gentle but super effective clean.

Clean Living Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser
Clean Living Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser

Aside from the impressive cleaning results, what makes our products even more attractive is the packaging. Our stylish aluminium bottles are reusable and way more appealing than brash, brightly coloured plastic bottles plastered in hazard warnings. Additional thought has been put into the Glass Microfiber cloths that display the logo as well. Plus the reinforced carry case for the Complete Cleaning Kit is practical and really cool.

After an initial purchase, the aluminium bottle can be reused again and again. Simply add concentrate from a Clean Living Refill Sachet and top up with tap water. Not only does this limit plastic bottle waste. It also drastically reduces the carbon impact of shipping heavy water filled bottles around the country. You can even return empty sachets to us and we will responsibly recycle them for you.

Across our range there are nine products, split into three categories; Home, Kitchen and Bathroom. Each is colour coordinated so you don’t mix up our Refill Sachets and Glass Microfiber Cloths. Nobody wants to wipe their kitchen worktop with a bathroom cloth!

Yellow – in our Home range there are four products. Biological Odour and Spot Remover, Biological Multi-purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Dry Carpet Cleaner that is one of the most revolutionary dry carpet cleaning solution on the market.

Blue – the Kitchen range has a Biological Bin Odour Eliminator, Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser and a Limescale Remover like no other. It turns limescale into liquid without the use of acid for complete, effortless and safe removal.

Aqua – finally our Bathroom range. Customers tell us they have been wowed by our Bathroom Cleaner! The Drain Maintainer is a must to keep water disappearing nicely and get rid of unpleasant pongs.

Complete Cleaning caddy with Bathroom cleaner
Complete Cleaning caddy with Bathroom cleaner

Each of our aluminium spray bottles are 300ml in size. You can buy them as part of a Starter Pack with a Refill Sachet and Glass Microfiber Cloth. Alternatively, our Complete Cleaning Kit contains the entire range is available including refill sachets for every product, with three Glass Microfiber Cloths and a Carpet Brush. All in a fully recyclable caddy for just £41.99. It’s an absolute steal!

Our Director Helen Bee, explains a little more: “Everything we do as a company is geared up to encourage others to clean in a way that is healthier for them and the planet. By taking a forward thinking approach, our chemists harness the power of nature, taking plant based chemicals and supercharging them by adding live, healthy bacteria. A combination of the two gives the most incredible cleaning results without it costing the earth. It really is a fresh approach and helps to limit the environmental impact of our cleaning habits.

Many people don’t realise that most cleaning products are 99% water. To us it makes no sense to sell water, create a heavy package and move it around the country. With this in mind, we ship our cleaning formulas in concentrate form. This makes lighter parcels that need less packaging and bottles that can be refills to limit unnecessary waste”.

All of our products are available to browse in our shop. One of the best ways to get a true feel for what we do is to follow us on one of our social media channels. Here you can get tips about how to get the most from our products and see comments from customers that have already joined our refill revolution.

Find Clean Living on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter by searching Clean Living International.

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