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Lockdown living – how to keep your bathroom clean and serene

Isn’t it strange to think we’d never heard the word ‘lockdown’ until a few months ago, but haven’t those two syllables made a massive impact on our lives since then? While it’s exciting that restrictions are slowly lifting, most of us are still at home and apart from an essential shopping trip and a quick walk, the entire family remains together in one space all the time. Yep, together – All. The. Time.

It’s been difficult to try and get some space, hasn’t it? The time we’re spending within our four walls is hours more than we’re used to, and where normally you might get an hour or so to yourself during the day to wind down, put your feet up, and read a book, now it’s entertaining the family and keeping the peace.

An unusual sanctuary…

I’ve been hearing rumours about the amount of time people have been spending in the bathroom during lockdown (me too if I’m honest!). Remember when the bathroom used to be the room that you dashed into to clean your teeth quickly or run a comb through the kids’ hair? Well, now it’s becoming the room a lot of us value the most. And we’ll all know when that changed – when the house became constantly crowded and you realised it was the only room with a lock on the door. I can hear gasps of excitement from anyone that hadn’t realised that yet. The bathroom space is enforceable and can become your sanctuary.

Over-used and under cleaned

But it’s getting more use than ever before! At a time when we’re dealing with unease and anxiety and we’re juggling the roles of carer, teacher, parent, chef, worker, and entertainer, all you want to do is switch off and have a good, long, relaxing soak in the bath. However, in the current lockdown situation, you’ve probably been doing home hair trims, so there’s hair in the plughole. Tried home hair dyeing? That stuff is hard to shift from ceramic! The kids are grubbier than ever after hours in the garden and the dirt in the bathtub doesn’t seem to be disappearing. And, how much do you miss the dog groomer? That saint of a human being who took your precious pet and miraculously turned it from mutt to magnificent. Now it’s spending more time in your bath than you are!

So, how do you make the most out of that lock on the door and get rid of the soap scum, limescale and candle wax (yes, candle wax – I’ll come to that later) so you can soak in a pristine environment? Here’s how to keep your safe haven clean and serene.

Mother And Son Having Fun At Bath Time Together
Mother And Son Having Fun At Bath Time Together

Four simple steps to serenity

One of the things I love most about our Clean Living products is the fact they’re so gentle but so incredibly effective – here are my four recommended products to make your sanctuary:

  1. Clean Living Bathroom Cleaner

Stubborn hair-dye stain in the sink, or the kids bringing the garden indoors can create in-ground dirt on bathroom surfaces. Clean Living Bathroom Cleaner works by penetrating the microscopic pores of surfaces to deeply remove grime and bring back shine.

We added the most beautiful fragrance when making it. So you can fill your bathroom with heavenly scents of jasmine, vanilla, and iris. Plus they’re non-toxic so you can inhale them while you soak in the tub, safe in the knowledge it isn’t doing you any harm.

This is a great product that will make short work of any smelly drains caused by dog washing and hair trimming. It’s specialised live cultures quickly break down and digest organic waste to remove nasty odours that can typically waft up from drains. So all your nose detects is the aromatherapy oils as you relax in.

If you like chrome to sparkle then you need this product in your life. It’s based on an organic salt solution which reacts with limescale to turn it into liquid for easy removal. Your taps and shower head will have a dazzling shine, free from scale and water marks after a run-in with this wonder product.

SO many people tell us how much they love this product. For streak-free shiny surfaces I would always recommend this product. It will leave your mirrors and glass shower screen glossy and will also give a final brilliance to your tiles.

Used together, our products will give you a bathroom that is sparkly clean and toxin free so you can soak in safety. They also don’t damage aquatic life, so when you do pull out the plug hole (after at least an hour if you’re me) you aren’t releasing deadly chemicals that will lead to pollution.

My sanctuary secrets

So, your sanctuary is clean, the lock is across, it’s time for serenity.

I don’t know about you but I could spend a lifetime in the bath. Now more than ever we all deserve a bit of pampering and time out. The bath is my go to space for escaping and I want it to be as calming and luxurious as possible. I’ll share with you the added extras that make my time in the tub ultra-relaxing:

Essential oils: The aroma of quality essential oils can have a real calming and soothing effect. You can be a purist and stick with one, (lavender, chamomile and cedarwood are the most obvious ones). But I also enjoy blends that combine a few together for the perfect fragrance and maximum benefits. Be mindful about how much you are using if you are doing it yourself, as it can get overpowering and leave you with a headache. Some of my favourites are from Neal’s Yard Remedies and Neom.

Candles: Who doesn’t love relaxing by candlelight? A warm bath with thick suds and a flickering flame has to be the utmost in tranquillity. I discovered a wonderful brand recently called Rame that handmake soy wax candles containing essential oils. If you prefer, you could enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy that way instead of dropping them in your bath water.

Monochrome bathroom with plant

Air Purifying Plants: Just like our  cleaning products, they work naturally to remove toxins and improve air quality so your haven really is safe. I asked The Little Botanical to recommend a plant for my snug recently and they were great help. They have a fab range in the most beautifully decorated pots.

Wine: Bubbles aren’t just for the bath. Prosecco anyone? I can highly recommend a small glass of your favourite tipple for the ultimate bath time indulgence. There are various studies that show red wine helps you to relax and unwind but others can give you more energy. Once you have found your ideal tonic, take a deep breath, and sink deep into that bath.

Treat yourself

Go on; treat yourself. Clean Living cleaning products, plus my top tops for extra indulgence should equal a calmer you until lockdown lifts.

We all need to be kind to ourselves at the moment, so use that lock! I promise you’ll emerge after an hour or so in your new sanctuary relaxed and calm and ready for anything.

Helen Bee – CEO & Director

Clean Living International

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