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Limescale and how it met its demise

Of all the amazing things I’ve learnt about in the last year – and it’s been a very busy year – I didn’t think limescale would feature on the list. I expected to learn more about biological cleaning and our Clean Living range of non-toxic products. I was looking forward to understanding more about how we can reduce single-use plastics. I had even volunteered for a beach clean day to discover more about how our behaviours are impacting on our coast and oceans.

Limescale? I just didn’t see it there.

But there it is. And once you start seeing it you can’t un-see it!

3 things I’ve learnt about limescale.

We’ve all seen it around our homes. Especially those of us who live in hard water areas. That white, scaly, chalky film that sits in your kettle, or suddenly appears on your glass shower screen.

  1. It can also lurk around taps, or on pipework, or even in your dishwasher and washing machine!
  2. It’s made up mainly of calcium carbonate which is the mineral deposit that’s left behind when water evaporates.
  3. It can actually make your domestic appliances less energy efficient – bad news for your wallet and the environment.

The tricky thing about it is that limescale sticks to limescale, which means it becomes more resilient and harder to get rid of.

Action stations! Getting rid of limescale.

How do we get rid of the stuff?!

Here’s my research: there’s your store-bought, acid-based limescale remover, for those who aren’t worried about throwing out the plastic bottles it comes in, or its harsh, corrosive nature on your surfaces and appliances. It’s been around for years, but that might be less about its effectiveness and more about the lack of an effective alternative.

Then, for the purpose of balance (and before I mention the virtues of the Clean Living Limescale Remover Starter Pack), I had a look for an alternative to the traditional chemical option. Leaning towards a homemade remedy, because I thought it might be a little eco-friendlier, I found this gem of a recipe; and yes, I can only describe the lengthy list of essential supplies as a recipe.


  • Spray bottle
  • Gloves (yikes! Maybe not that gentle)
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Lint-free cloth
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Tape (wait…tape?)
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice
  • Cling film (cling film??)

With that list, it’s probably not the easiest of solutions to make and possibly not the best for we time-poor, environmentally aware folk who prefer to clean with conscience.

An innovative, 100% biodegradable alternative

Introducing the Clean Living Limescale Remover Starter Pack.

Let me start by telling you what’s not in Clean Living limescale remover: how about sodium hydroxide, chlorine, phosphate, solvent, and ammonia for starters?

Pretty good so far, right? That’s quite a lot of chemicals that you won’t be wiping onto your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

But how does it work, I hear you ask?

The innovation is in the 100% biodegradable, low pH organic salt solution that, when applied to limescale, reacts with it to turn it into liquid. This means that instead of having to put your rubber gloves on and get the scrubber out, you simply wipe clean using the microfiber cloth. Removal is safe and gentle; your surfaces stay clean of limescale and your conscience remains clear.

Clean Living’s limescale remover is gentle enough to use on most things, but here are…

10 household items that will love to see the demise of calcium carbonate:

  1. Glass surfaces (such as your shower screen)
  2. Shower fixtures and fittings
  3. Sinks
  4. Taps
  5. Draining boards
  6. Pipework
  7. Dishwasher
  8. Washing machine
  9. Kettle
  10. Bathroom tiles

I can hear the energy efficiency increasing already! Simply apply directly to the limescale, allow a minute or two contact time, and then rinse or wipe off! Not only will you be removing unsightly limescale, but you’ll be saving money by increasing the lifespan of your appliance or surface. Win/win!

And for those who love the ‘refill, reuse, recycle’ philosophy

Here’s the serious bit.

We’re all becoming more aware of our own carbon footprint and if we’re not, we should be! It’s pretty shocking at what we’ve done to our shared environment and the effort it’s going to take to make some kind of reversal.

Apparently, it’s estimated that the UK has 19.5 billion items of single-use plastic in our homes at any one time and plastics don’t degrade, they simply break up into the tiniest of pieces and become microplastics.

I don’t want to be a contributor to that. That’s why Clean Living Limescale Remover (and other products) is packaged in a reusable aluminium container with refills that come in handy sachets so you should only ever have to buy one container.

Although you could also buy one for a friend.

Speaking of friends…

As a special offer for November, when you buy a Clean Living Limescale Remover Starter Pack, we’ll send it out with a friend – you’ll also receive a free Clean Living Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner.


I’d love to hear how you get on with our products. Share your feedback by leaving us a Google Review?

Helen Bee

CEO and Director at Clean Living International

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