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Join the Refill Revolution Today – Eco-friendly cleaning

With the increased awareness of climate change and eco-friendly living, single-use plastic is at the forefront of our minds. Today, plastic is a part of our everyday lives. Plastic surrounds us in our homes, offices, supermarkets and environment. Many of us know plastic is causing a huge problem. Most notably it pollutes our oceans and consumes our landfill sites. However, many of us are standing up and saying enough is enough! Many have joined the refill revolution and our subscription plan. This includes all of us at Clean Living and our amazing customers and brand ambassadors who work hard daily to make a difference. They do this by working towards our eco-friendly cleaning aim.

Our Eco-friendly Cleaning aim

Here at Clean Living, our aim is to provide cleaning products that do not harm you, your families nor the planet and its ecosystems. Our products are #refillnotlandfill.

Our refill sachets not only require fewer materials to package our 100% natural and biodegradable concentrates compared to traditionally packaged cleaning products but also take up less space. This means our products take up less room. More space for other packages means that the CO2 required to ship these products across the UK is drastically reduced. With our handy subscription plan, you can create your very own refill schedule and control what refills you receive and when. Plus, they can even be dropped through your letterbox so there is no need to be waiting for your delivery.

All you need to do is pour our 100% natural concentrates into our reusable aluminium bottles and top them up with water.

How can you join the refill revolution?

It is simpler than ever to join the refill revolution. All you need to do is start making changes no matter how big or small. Each change you make will help to reduce the negative impacts of cleaning on our planet.

Our Complete Cleaning Kit is a great place to start. This provides all the fundamental cleaning products that you need to transform your cleaning routine into an effective and eco-friendly method of making sure your home is safe and clean.

However, if you are not ready to completely transform how you clean don’t worry. We have our handy starter kits which allow you to try out one of our refillable bottles, glass microfibre cloths and natural formulas.  You can find all of our starter kits here:

Set up your Subscription Plan!

Once you have your starter pack or Eco-Friendly Complete Cleaning Kit, set up your flexible subscription service. All you need to do is head to your account and select your chosen products. Then you can set how often you would like to receive refills. Our Subscription Plan has no contracts or commitments. You are in full control and can edit your choices whenever you like. Take a look at the benefits and start your eco-friendly cleaning journey!

Clean-Living's Eco-friendly Subscription Plan

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