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Getting back into eco-friendly habits after Covid-19

Life has been full of changes over the last few months. They haven’t been small ones either! The way we shop is vastly different from those carefree days of February. Who would have guessed that toilet roll would become more valuable than a high-end, luxury good? We’ve had to adapt quickly throughout lockdown which has tested us in many ways. While we can see light at the end of the tunnel, there’s no doubt it’s been full of pros and cons for both us and the environment.

Let’s remember the big picture.

Sudden change (and mild panic!) can definitely make us forget our core values when we’re faced with empty shelves and limited ranges. But while limited choice may have temporarily impacted our buying decisions, we have a duty to ourselves and the planet not to slip too much. It’s vital that we remember the big picture and don’t forget the problems we faced before Coronavirus hit. Protecting and improving our environment is of paramount importance!

I’m so pleased that we have been able to help our lovely customers stay on track by fulfilling their Clean Living International orders throughout lockdown. They have still received their healthy cleaning products and continued to clean with conscience©. In fact, as people spent more time in their gardens, we saw increased demand for our Biological Bin Odour Eliminator and Biological Drain Maintainer.  

Image of Clean Living Refill sachets and delivery box

The pros and cons.

I’ve been encouraged and inspired by reports from around the globe sharing news of positive environmental changes during lockdown. I read in The Guardian that skies are clearer, wildlife can be seen again in water that was terribly polluted, and we’re flying less. All of which are great for the environment.

Unfortunately though, there have been some serious knock-on effects. There are some awful photos of food waste and fly tipping going around. Don’t forget excess cardboard and plastic packaging from increased online shopping. Then there are discarded gloves and face masks. For someone working so hard to help others reduce their single use plastic waste, those pictures are upsetting for me. I take some comfort knowing that our refill sachets and refillable bottles are give people an better choice.

Fly tipping has now become an epidemic on it’s own.

It’s time to get back on track and start making conscious decisions about the products we’re using. On that note, we have been noticed for the work we’re putting in to make the world a better place.

Some positive news to share!

In amongst all the gloom we had some fantastic news during lockdown. I’m very excited to announce that we’ve won our first award! So proud! LUX Life Magazine presented us with their ‘Best emerging non-toxic cleaning product in the UK’ award in May this year. The judges described us as ‘a leading light in the UK’s cleaning product industry’. I couldn’t be more thankful that our amazing products and overall philosophy have been recognised in this way.

We are also very excited to reveal that our new not-for profit partner is City to Sea. They campaign tirelessly to stop plastic pollution, by creating practical solutions to single-use plastic and helping connecting people to our oceans. Everything they stand for and do because is so in line with our own values. Our refillable products don’t just reduce single use plastic waste. Unlike traditional cleaning products and bleaches, they don’t damage or poison aquatic life either.

Clean Living award logo – LUX Life Best Emerging Non-Toxic UK Cleaning Product Brand

Time well spent in lockdown.

Myself and others I’ve spoken to, have used the extra time lockdown brought to discover some incredible new brands. There are some incredible options out there that I know I’ll use long after coronavirus disappears. From a Clean Living perspective, we can recommend all of these brands as they share our beliefs.

  • Wearth London is an online marketplace that partners with eco-friendly and ethical UK brands to provide a variety of ranges including beauty, homewares, and toiletries.
  • Nurture Collective provide amazing eco-friendly toys and clothing for children aged 0-12 years.
  • The Grocery List offers delicious and sustainable goods by local producers and ethical personal products to help consumers make better decisions about what they eat and use.
  • Bazar App is a marketplace where people can buy and sell products that are sustainable, ethical, pre-loved, and eco-friendly.

Let’s get back to making better decisions about the products we use. Get involved in activities to improve our environment. If we do this, we will get back on track to protecting our amazing planet.

Take care,

Helen Bee

CEO and Director at Clean Living International

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