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Four ways to clean with kids during isolation

Don’t panic! Keep calm and carry on cleaning.

Who saw this coming? What a strange moment in time we’re living in. I’m really proud of the way everyone is adapting to these new circumstances. People in general are following the Coronavirus advice to stay indoors as much as possible and make sure vulnerable people have what they need. It’s also interesting to see my own behaviour and that of those around me changing – everyone is sanitising and cleaning like demons!

Thank you!

I’d like to give my personal thanks to the people who are keeping our country running. Of course, our amazing NHS staff are warriors, but also the shelf stackers, delivery drivers and farmers – who knew we had a hidden army of everyday heroes? And according to my friends who have suddenly become home schoolers, teachers should be given medals when order is restored.

So, if you’re home schooling your kids and trying to keep your home healthy at the same time, here are my top 4 tips for staying sane.

1. Keep it simple

When you have a houseful of family spending more time than ever before in close proximity, I’d say keep it simple. Use just one or two cleaning products that work for you and are easy to stash around the house for a quick spritz.

I’ve been using Clean Living’s Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner everywhere! It gives the deepest clean by thoroughly removing dirt and grime where harmful bacteria can lurk and multiply but is completely gentle and safe for your children to be around. I’ve used it to sanitise most items when I’ve come in from outside; I’ve spritzed my phone, keys, handbag, door handles, even the steering wheel is now hygienic.

Next time you’re cleaning up the dining table after an ‘occupy-the-kids’ activity, like baking, planting or painting, I’d definitely recommend a quick spray and wipe to keep everyone healthy.

2. Enlist your own little soldiers

That’s right! Why not hand out the Glass Microfibre Cloth and the Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner and set the little ones to work? I’m sure they’d love the opportunity to use a squirt gun around the house.

The first thing to remember is that Clean Living products are completely chemical free, so they’re perfectly safe if they come into contact with little hands (or big ones, for that matter). The second thing is, as primary carer, I bet you’re just about ready for a sit down and a little rest! I admire the stories I’m hearing about the imaginative ways parents and carers are occupying and educating their kids while our schools are shut. Hats off to you!

So here’s another idea: a lesson in how to clean the house. The packaging we use for Clean Living products is super-lightweight, which makes it easy to carry, and the trigger spray makes it fun to use. Perhaps there could be a prize-giving award ceremony for the best polisher?

3. Standby for the science

Children seem to love discovering how things work, so how about a science lesson from Clean Living International? I’m often asked how our cleaning products work, if there are no chemicals in them and if they’re as effective as regular supermarket products. The answer is that they’re actually more effective as they continue to work on surfaces long after you’ve cleaned them.

Gather round; here’s the science. Our products are based on  biological formulations  (good bacteria inside them) that, by their own nature, break down grease, oils, dirt and other organic matter. When these good bacteria are applied to a surface they start to reproduce as soon as they come into contact with a food source. Here, they outperform bad bacteria in a classic battle of ‘good versus evil’ until the surface is clear of any dirt, odour, or any other nasties.

Magic? Nope, just good science.

4. Get your rainbow warriors to brighten the gloom

Since the world as we knew it changed dramatically, children across the country have been spreading hope by sticking hand-painted beautiful and colourful rainbows in their windows to boost morale. I think it’s genius, and what a great idea for a home-school art lesson? I’m planning on having a go myself!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be taking to the Clean Living Glass Cleaner before I stick my work of art up in the window. If I’m encouraging people to get up close and personal with my windows I want them to be clean, and a sparkly clean window is also the perfect frame for that masterpiece (once the little fingerprints have been buffed away, of course).

Take good care of yourselves and your families. I’m confident we will all come through this with squeaky-clean homes and a new appreciation for the outdoors.

Helen Bee

CEO and Director at Clean Living International

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