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We’re Expanding Our Range With New Eco-Sports Products

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a new range of natural sports cleaning products, adding to our award-winning ranges!

Launched on 15th January, the latest additions to our collection, offer an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh, toxic products often used on sports equipment, providing the perfect cleaning solution for fitness fans embarking on their 2022 New Year resolutions, whether that be to get healthier, drive down their toxin intake or reduce their plastic waste.

Using our signature biological formulations which are supercharged with live, healthy microbes, the Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner and Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator will ensure everything from yoga mats and machinery to trainers and treadmills are free from harmful bacteria and odour!

Featuring an uplifting fresh scent, the Biological Sports Equipment Cleaner is suitable for use on all types of fitness apparatus and materials, cutting through dirt, body fat and perspiration to deliver a deep clean that leaves equipment hygienic and clean.

Activewear, trainers and accessories can be spritzed with the Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator to eradicate unpleasant odours. It attacks bacteria at the source without the use of masking agents, leaving behind a naturally clean and fresh scent, plus an army of healthy bacteria to stop odorous bacteria from coming back.

These clever sustainable solutions eat away at perspiration, dirt and grime to deeply clean surfaces and materials without harmful chemicals while building up a barrier of good bacteria with every use, offering environmentally aware individuals alternative products that are powerful yet pH neutral, cruelty-free and completely non-toxic to people, animals and aquatic life.

Helen Bee, our Founder, said: “We’re incredibly excited to launch our sports cleaning range. The introduction of these two new products means eco-friendly cleaning can now be extended from around the home to our daily fitness routines, too.  

Using our unique biological formulations, fitness fans’ sports equipment and attire will be left hygienic, clean, and beautifully fresh. It’s fantastic that we can help people to focus on getting fit this year while protecting themselves and the environment at the same time!”

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The new sports range coincides with the launch of several new exciting products we’ve produced for the home, including Plastic Free Laundry Strips, Biological Floor Cleaner, Biological Multi-Mop Cleaning System, a Stainless-Steel Odour Removing Soap and a Multi-Use Scrubby, enhancing our award-winning collection of biological, natural and refillable cleaning products for the home.

Our Best-Selling Complete Cleaning Kit offers an easy way for environmentally conscious individuals to get started on an eco-cleaning journey. Stored in a handy cardboard caddy, the complete kit includes Clean Living’s most popular products, including the Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Biological Bin Odour Eliminator, Biological Odour and Spot Remover, Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser, Drain Maintainer, Limescale Remover and Biological Bathroom Cleaner, as well as a host of eco-friendly cleaning accessories.

What’s more, its refillable aluminium bottles are shipped empty with a sachet of concentrate solution to be topped up with tap water at home, drastically reducing single-use plastic waste as well as lowering customers’ carbon footprint.

We’re also proud to offer a flexible Refill Subscription Service, allowing our customers to select which product refills they would like to receive and how often.

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