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It’s Not too Late To Go Green in 2021

As with every New Year the 1st of January 2021 brought with it a fresh new start. A time for New Year’s resolutions and a time for change. Something that has been eagerly awaited for by many due to the events of 2020. One month into 2021 we are seeing more and more people go green and switch to eco-friendly products like ours at Clean Living. With Covid-19 highlighting the need for effective cleaning products to minimise the risk to you and your household. However, a few of us are still yet to make a vital change. But don’t worry it’s not too late to add one more resolution to this year’s list. Why not aspire to change something you may have overlooked in the past?

Go green - Indy Best 2020
Our Complete Cleaning Kit – The perfect way to go green and innovate your cleaning cupboard

The cleaning cupboard. A place regularly visited but never with an abundance of joy. Cleaning is unfortunately a necessity, but it does not have to remain an unwanted part of everyday life. One of our core missions at Clean Living is to be aspirational. Rather than participating in the mundane we offer an innovative green solution to cleaning your home. We believe our inventive products and smart packaging break the monotony of traditional cleaning and are safer for you, your family, and the world to boot! Below we have noted down some of our favourite benefits, just in time for this year’s spring clean:

Gone is the myriad of unsightly plastic bottles

Not only do plastic bottles clutter up your home, but they also clutter up the world around us. 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year, negatively impacting our waterways, wildlife and more. Our unique approach supplies you with reusable aluminum bottles and recyclable re-fill sachets reducing your single-use plastic waste without costing you the Earth. Our modern aluminum design not only looks stylish but is 100% recyclable, refillable and re-usable, offering the perfect green solution!

If you are wondering whether refillable cleaning products are for you why not have look at why we have been voted ‘Best Refillable Household Cleaning Product’ according to The Independent in their Indy Best Awards.

Safer products for you and your family

Our products are non-toxic. You won’t see any hazard warning labels on our products, that’s for sure. This is because our product range leaves your house sparkling clean without the need for harsh chemicals. By using natural formulas containing healthy bacteria our products are much safer for little hands and friendly paws.

It’s more convenient whilst reducing your CO₂ footprint

We send our award winning products straight to your door, not only does that make it more convenient for you but it also helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road, minimising CO₂ emissions. Just select your preference to every 1 or 3 months in your replenishment plan and we’ll do the rest.

Our ethos and award-winning product range is centered on making a positive impact on the environment. Not only that, but we want to support our customers in joining us on our journey to a greener world. We want to share the many benefits that making a few changes to the contents of your cleaning cupboard can have!

If you would like to clean with conscience © why not have a look at our product range and transform your cleaning cupboard into something others aspire to.

Let’s spring clean a different way, a greener way with Clean Living.

Victoria Greenhall, Business Development and Marketing Executive

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