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When Clean Living Products won 4-0 in the battle of the blemish

We put our Clean Living Products against 4 everyday household spots and stains to see how they would perform.

Finding the shine

Maybe I’m going out on a limb here – maybe it’s just me – but don’t you think there is an expectation of shiny cleanliness when you move into a newly renovated house? That scent of newness and an almost visible glow coming from the place?

I’m not going to lie; my expectations were up there – they were in ‘glow’ territory – when my husband and I moved into our new house last weekend. I had those visions of bright, clean windows, fluff-free carpets, a gleaming new bathroom suite and a fitted kitchen polished to an almost other-worldly sheen.

Enter reality.

Ok…it wasn’t quite that bad, but it did need a good clean and there were some snags that certainly needed some attention.

As CEO and director at Clean Living International, I know how good our products are. There’s no way I’m going to back products I don’t believe passionately in – that don’t fit my values about being able to clean with conscience. I know they’re not going to damage our waterways or wider environment in any way (or my new house, for that matter). They’re gentle, but they work so well.

So, as I set about my new house with my Clean Living Products from the Complete Cleaning Kit areas like dirty sinks and tiles, and the fine layer of concrete dust that had settled over everything (!), didn’t really pose much of a challenge for Clean Living Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner, if I’m honest. But then, I didn’t expect them to be.

However; I was interested to see how the products would tackle the more stubborn elements of the clean.

Bring on the battle of the blemish in the pursuit of cleanliness!

Contender #1: dried paint on bath. Opponent: Clean Living Bathroom Cleaner.

The bath had been our one place to clean all the rollers and trays full of paint and had various patches of dried paint on it which could’ve been potentially tricky to remove. Clean Living Bathroom Cleaner made short work of restoring the bath to its paint-free former glory, and the limescale remover also proved its worth in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

Contender #2: food disposal unit. Opponent: Clean Living Drain Maintainer.

In the kitchen, the food disposal unit had been neglected by the previous owners and there was an horrendous smell coming from it! The live cultures in Clean Living Drain Maintainer went to work overnight on the breakdown and digestion of the organic waste and – what do you know? No smell the morning after (or since).

Contender #3: rust stain on bath. Opponent: Clean Living Biological Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

This was the one I was most concerned about but, again, the enzymes in the biological multi-purpose cleaner didn’t seem to find it much of a challenge, breaking down the stain so all I had to do was buff the area with a cloth.

Contender #4: spill on car seat. Opponent: Clean Living dry carpet cleaner.

Ok, so not in the house, but definitely a victim of the move. Whatever had been spilt on the car seat looked like it had settled in for good. I tried Clean Living Dry Carpet Cleaner on it and now you would never know it had been there.

I think that’s 4-0 to Clean Living Products!

I was impressed all over again with the products and really proud of how well they worked. If you’re considering giving them a try, I would recommend starting out with the Clean Living Complete Cleaning Kit (as seen here on our YouTube channel) that I used in my own house. All the formulations are 100% natural and boosted with enzymes, PH neutral, vegan friendly and non-damaging to aquatic life.

Protect the ones you love

It’s not only me moving house at this time of year, there are thousands of young people leaving the family home and moving into shared houses or halls of residence to start a new university year.

I was manning the Clean Living exhibition stand at an event recently and I was speaking to a lady who was concerned about her child going off to uni. There was the worry about eating properly, making sure the laundry was up to date, and “I bet none of them clean that house they’re in”, she said.

Tongue-in-cheek, I suggested that perhaps the Clean Living Complete Cleaning Kit would make a fantastic housewarming gift for her child. As I started explaining to her how the products worked, I could see that she liked the idea – particularly the fact that they break down odorous bacteria and replace them with a pleasant fragrance, and that they protect surfaces long after use by stunting the regrowth of harmful bacteria. I’d say that would be welcome in a shared house!

This generation of 18-21 year olds are impressively environmentally aware. They might not have the same priorities as their parents when it comes to cleaning the house, but I’m pretty sure they would want to use something that’s not tested on animals, is 100% biodegradable, and reduces waste plastic packaging…(that’s Clean Living, by the way). You get to protect your kids while they protect the environment.

And the packaging looks great!

What’s not to love?

Want to know more about our range of biological cleaning solutions? Please feel free contact us at any time or view our product range for more information.

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