Our Clean Living journey


Clean Living started in 2017 when a common friend introduced us and a very influential programme hit our TV screens. Gill had a fantastic range of natural and biological cleaning products which she has sold commercially for over 30 years. I was looking for a new opportunity that had a strong cause and ethical purpose after years working in Retail and the Direct Sales industry. At the same time Blue Planet II aired exposing us all to the harm our plastic waste and C02 emissions are having on wildlife and the climate.

woman and dog with Clean Living complete caddy

After sharing a few coffees (and cocktails), we decided to create a company that would help others to clean with conscience ©. One that shared both our ambitions, is environmentally responsible, educates people and offers a less damaging way to clean our homes. The logo we designed captures all of these things; a heart, a home and a planet.


Our a range of cleaning products are plant derived, don’t harm aquatic life, clean brilliantly and reduce single use plastic waste using a refill-reuse-recycle system. Our formulations are way ahead of their time, harnessing the power of nature to ensure they’re free from hazardous toxins. We’ve also added in healthy bacteria which completely breaks down dirt and grime for a deeper and longer lasting clean.

opening a sachet

Our approach to sharing them is different too. You won’t find our products in supermarkets. We send them direct to you and avoid transporting them on various journeys which only creates unnecessary C02. Our aluminium bottles are shipped empty to make them lighter to further reduce carbon emissions. When the products arrive, decant the sachet of concentrate into the aluminium bottle and top up with tap water. As it runs low, simply order another sachet and repeat. Waste sachets can be sent back to us for recycling too.


We’re also building a team of people who love our products and want to be pioneers for change. You can generate an income through recommending them within your community. Click here if you’re interested in learning more. We can’t change the world overnight but we’re committed to show others that YOU CAN clean your home in a way that is healthier for you and the planet. Feedback from our customers is excellent and we’re excited about our vision to create an active, enthusiastic community of people that are dedicated to driving positive environmental and social change.


Thanks for stopping by and discovering us.

Much love, Helen & Gill x