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5 ways interior design can help keep your home clean

Who would like to make cleaning easier?

Let’s be honest who wouldn’t? While some of us (me included) love the satisfaction that comes from giving the house a good spruce up, for many it’s a task that they would happily dodge. When the weather is as nice as it has been, I don’t blame them. Catching some rays and fresh air outdoors is more appealing than cleaning the bathroom. But we’re going to let you in on a secret. There are some clever ways to spend less time cleaning your home by rethinking the design and layout.

The experts know how

You may remember us sharing a lot about Interior Junction on our Instagram page last September. There we met Fresh Start Living; an interior design Hubby & Wife duo based in Leeds. Beth & Jon are the brains behind it all and appealed to us because they specialise in sustainable interior design. They’ve done a great blog about this.

Jon & Beth - Fresh Start Living
Jon & Beth from Fresh Start Living

Aside from work, they’re green enthusiasts and have made various changes to adopt more eco-conscious ways of living. This made them the obvious choice for us to speak to when we wanted to explore whether interior design can make your home easier to clean. Their answer was YES it absolutely can!

So we partnered up with Beth & Jon to bring you some advice that can help make cleaning a doddle. Whether you are in the middle of a home renovation, or have lived in the same spot for years and just want to rethink your living space; there are a few obvious steps that you can take to bring your cleaning kit out far less.

Interior design and cleaning go hand in hand

Beth told us that people who contact them are typically house proud and want to keep their home looking its best. If you have areas of your home that you find need more cleaning or are trickier to tackle than others, it’s a good idea to stop and rethink them.

It comes at the perfect time too. Spring cleaning is great for having a clear out. Covid-19 has forced us to spend more time indoors. So the pressures of our homes unexpectedly becoming an office, classroom, play area and living space have made them dirtier and messier than ever.

Here are 5 ways that interior design can help to keep your home clean.

1) Remove excess mess

One person’s mess is another person’s treasure! Either way the more things you have, the more problems you will face. First there is your mental health. Being surrounded by clutter can be distracting; especially if you’re working from home at the moment. You can remove excess mess by simply being disciplined and tidying things away after you’ve used them.

Another big pro of doing this is that it makes cleaning easier and quicker. The less you have out on show, the less things you have to dust or dodge the hoover around. I’ll admit that my snug is currently like a mini assault course that I have to weave in and out of!

Sometimes you have to face facts and admit that it’s time to have a clear out. ‘Are you ever going to get around to reading that magazine?’ is a conversation that I have with myself regularly. And when did your little one last play with that dolls house? Other items can cause more deliberation. Your home is yours because it’s filled with belongings that express your personality and bring back memories. Parting with certain things can be tricky and that’s where an expert can help. They take a neutral approach and come in with fresh eyes to suggest what you may be able to get rid to make life easier.

When you’ve tried all of this, what if you simply can’t reduce the mess? It could be that you simply do not have the room to store it.

Woman in kitchen with greenery
Clever storage solutions in kitchen

2) Review your storage

If you absolutely cannot live without certain things (despite what your other half thinks), then you may need to compromise and find it another place to live. It could be something even simpler like your family has grown and you now have more stuff than ever. Whatever your situation, speaking to someone in the know can be really beneficial.

Extending your home and making it bigger isn’t always an option. But you can find all sorts of ways to make more of the rooms you currently have. Do you need to build a bespoke wardrobe to make the most of your bedroom walls? Would using boxes or baskets help you to store things on top of each other and use the whole height of a shelving unit? Is there space to create a dedicated utility room?

Then there is the bathroom. A third of Brits say cleaning the bathroom is a chore they would gladly dodge given the opportunity. Could you squeeze a vanity unit or shelving in your bathroom to put all of your lotions and potions in?

An interior designer can come up with a host of clever storage solutions that help you to keep what you love and make cleaning easier. First, they would understand how you need that space to work and draw a floorplan to check what space you have available. From here they will wow you with storage designs that you probably wouldn’t have thought of yourself. Everything can and should have a home in your home.

3) Think about where you store your cleaning products

I split my cleaning into three; upstairs, downstairs and every day cleaning. Some people put cleaning off because it can get unmanageable and they don’t know where to start. But having a cleaning routine and products handy means you can be a cleaning ninja and do it as you go.

I do a daily clean with some carefully positioned cleaning products that help me to keep on top of things. For example, in the bathroom I have a Glass Microfibre Cloth and our Bathroom Cleaner. Every few days I give the taps a quick wipe over. The shower screen gets a spritz and wipe after use too. This keeps water marks and soap scum at bay. Our refillable aluminium bottles are stylish enough to leave out, so you can keep it in there without having a brightly coloured plastic bottle ruin your décor.

The other thing I use daily is our Glass Cleaner which lives on our sideboard in the hall. A lot of my units downstairs have a glass topper on to protect them from scratching with keys, mobile phones, mugs etc. Nice idea but it shows up the dust terribly. Using this every day couple of days as I pass in and out of each area leaves them streak free and so shiny.

If you have pets, another top tip is to have our Biological Odour & Spot Remover in the utility room to spritz the dog bed every few days. I bet you love your animal but not their pong!

4) Research any nifty solutions for the chores you hate

Do you hate the laundry or cleaning your gas cooker? Perhaps cleaning the blinds or ironing is your nemesis. An interiors expert like Fresh Start Living can open your eyes to nifty ideas that save your sanity, bag you more free time and save you money. They can suggest places in your home to hang shirts to dry. That could mean less ironing for you and less strain on the environment because you aren’t using electricity with the tumble dryer or iron.

Could you switch from a gas cooker to an electric one? Years ago electric hobs were tricky to cook on and dangerous in many ways. Modern versions are they’re far better and safer to work with. Plus make cleaning a doddle! However, there are so many to choose from; ceramic, domino, air venting etc. An interior designer could suggest which one will work best for your style of cooking and kitchen space.

You can also get windows that have blinds built inside them. So you never have to dust all those slats again – genius!!

Limescale Remover and shiny tap
Super shiny tap after cleaning with our Limescale Remover

5) Choose the right cleaning products

If you invest in your home you want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. Right? So why would you clean it with chemicals that can be harmful to you and your surfaces? Traditional cleaning products that you find on supermarket shelves are filled with stringent chemicals that can dull your furnishings and damage varnish, enamel, tarnish wood etc. This can age them and alter the appearance so they don’t look new for long. That in turn can make them appear to need cleaning more often than they actually do. So, you lose out on money and time as a result. Not to mention your health. Our skin in porous and your lungs absorb whatever is in the air. If your home is cleaned with products that contain bleach, solvents and ammonia, guess what; you will contain it too.

There is a way that you can clean your home gently and still get a fantastic clean so that it looks it’s best for longer. Our products really are clever. We use biological formulations that penetrate deep into surfaces to completely remove dirt where traditional cleaning products can’t reach. Even better, they’re proven to protect your surfaces long after cleaning, because they create enzymes that stunt the regrowth of harmful bacteria. So even if you’re time poor to do a quick clean, you know that your home is as hygienic as can be.

There you have it; some handy hints to help you rethink your living spaces and keep them looking fabulous for longer. Fresh Start Living can advise you on a host of things; space layout and planning, extension planning, bathroom design, kitchen design. They’re also home renovation experts and have won various awards for their work. You don’t have to be in Leeds or Yorkshire. If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that technology and virtual communication make anything possible.

You can see a full list of what they can offer and book an virtual consultation with them through their website. If you need any product specific advise from us, please give us a call on 0800 031 4316 or drop an email to [email protected]

Helen Bee CEO & Director at Clean Living International

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